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Peace and presence by the sea…

Union Church is an interdenominational Christian church that welcomes those who wish to journey with us as we seek to receive and follow God’s sacred spirit and the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ. We are an evolving community of faith that seeks to reflect the love and compassion of God through our conduct. We follow the teaching of Jesus to love God, neighbor, and self. We have reverence for Earth and all living creatures. We are a worshiping community that gathers to give thanks and to celebrate the Holy Presence of God in all things. We welcome all visitors.

From Your Pastor…

It is a lovely morning in May as I wake this morning.  We have waited a very long time to welcome the beauty of spring, but today the grass is greening, the trees and bushes are budding, and the early spring flowers are sharing their lovely colors of yellows and pinks.  The beauty of spring with the rains helping all of the new plantings to burst forth reminds us each day of the promise of Easter, of new life, new creation, constantly emerging each day.

I continue to be very impressed by the amazing energy and dedication of the members of Union Church.  I have the privilege of working with the various committees that provide the important leadership to our church.  Over recent months, the Speaker Series Committee has worked very hard to select and invite the speakers for the summer series.  They are now working on the program book and selling ads and tickets for the event.

Delicious food and fellowship is always a big draw for folks in our community.  On Easter morning, many were up before dawn putting the coffee on, decorating and preparing the delicious food to be shared at the breakfast following the Sunrise Service.  Many joined us for that lovely gathering and again, we give thanks for all who worked behind the scenes to make that possible.

On Earth Day, Joyce Morrissette invited the youth of our church, along with others to join in helping clean up some of the parks in downtown Biddeford as a way to share our respect for our earth.  Several families joined us for that clean up. Many others in the local community were involved and progress was made in preparing the parks to be enjoyed in the months ahead.

Peter and Eve McPheeters, along with a team of cooks and sous chefs, graciously hosted the annual Cinco de Mayo gathering on Saturday evening, May 5th.  It was a huge success and the food was delicious.  Everyone enjoyed the spirit of the evening!  Big thanks to all who helped with that.

Over the last several months, we have established two important outreach groups at the church.  The Pastoral Assistants, coordinated by Nancy Bancroft, are available to assist our pastor with visits to members at home, in the hospital or at rehab facilities.  They are available when the need arises.  Elaine Robinson is leading our Helping Hands group.  We have a number of people who have offered to provide meals, rides, run errands, and offer general support in a concrete way when folks may be able to use their help.

As we look ahead to these precious months of spring into summer, we are always invited to find balance in our days.  A recent Sermon reminded all of us to “Be Here Now,” to try to pause each day to enjoy the small moments, to allow all of our senses to enjoy the scents, the sounds, the colors and the fullness of the experiences all around us.  God has blessed us with these new moments constantly unfolding and we are invited to respond by being fully present as best we can.  We enjoy the creativity and ways in which we may offer our gifts with others and we may be grateful that we can indeed pause and be at rest.  Be Here Now, for the present is what we have.  These days are truly precious; they are a gift to us.

Wishing you all the blessings of these days,


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