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Peace and presence by the sea…

Union Church is an interdenominational Christian church that welcomes those who wish to journey with us as we seek to receive and follow God’s sacred spirit and the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ. We are an evolving community of faith that seeks to reflect the love and compassion of God through our conduct. We follow the teaching of Jesus to love God, neighbor, and self. We have reverence for Earth and all living creatures. We are a worshiping community that gathers to give thanks and to celebrate the Holy Presence of God in all things. We welcome all visitors.

Dear Union Church family,

March is already here and with it the season of Lent. Historically Lent was a grim time of sacrifice with a focus on atoning for one’s sinfulness. The purpose of Mardi Gras (literally “Fat Tuesday”) was to eat all of the meat, cook with the last of the lard and sugar, dance, and enjoy all of the activities (including sex) that were supposed to be given up during Lent.

Union Church, not known to miss out on an opportunity to have a good time, celebrates Mardi Gras in fine fashion. We are grateful to Elaine Robinson and the fellowship committee for organizing and providing for this year’s grand celebration.

However, Lent itself has evolved into a more positive season. It is a time when we are invited to spend quality time with the Divine in an attempt to deepen our relationship and grow in our ability to reflect more of God’s goodness. Some people do more acts of kindness during Lent. Others try to make changes in their attitude or behavior so as to become more Christlike. Still others spend more time reading and reflecting on Scripture, meditating, or engaging in other practices that help them connect with the sacred. I believe that it was St. Benedict who defined contemplation as “wasting time with God”.

My hope is that this Lent you will give yourself the gift of wasting time with God in whatever way you find meaningful so that when Easter arrives you will be able to sing a resounding Alleluia, rejoicing in a more sustaining spirituality and deepened friendship with your God.

Love, as always,

Pastor Search Process Begins

Pastor Search Announcement

Union Church in Biddeford Pool, Maine, seeks a pastor to lead our church and guide us in our spiritual life and development in the years ahead…

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During the summer of 2015 Union Church began to prepare for the search for an Interim Pastor to begin to serve the church after Pastor Jan’s final Sunday service on January 17, 2016.  At a later date a second search would begin for a Settled Pastor to hopefully serve Union Church for many years.  Since…

150th Anniversary Video

A 150th Anniversary Video, created in 2014 during our 150th anniversary celebration, which helps convey Union Church’s culture and values.