About Us

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When you walk through these historic doors… you are home!

Union Church is an interdenominational Christian church that welcomes those who wish to journey with us as we seek to receive and follow God’s sacred spirit and the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ. We are an evolving community of faith that seeks to reflect the love and compassion of God through our conduct.

We follow the teaching of Jesus to love God, neighbor, and self. We have reverence for Earth and all living creatures. We are a worshipping community that gathers to give thanks and to celebrate the Holy Presence of God in all things.

What’s the bottom line?

“Love God….and your neighbor as yourself”
Union Church is green! We cherish Earth and all its inhabitants….and take seriously our stewardship of this beautiful planet.

Loving our neighbors:

Jesus taught us that the second greatest commandment is to love thy neighbor as thyself. The caring for others, within the church, the community and the world, has never been demonstrated better than by the leadership and the membership at Union Church.
Bob Sherman, Goose Rocks

Missions we support:

Please read about the mission projects we champion.

Loving/Praising God:
Union Church attracts an eclectic congregation of religious seekers who desire a personal, growing relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

In a setting of spiritual reflection, music and community, Union Church is a special place to explore and celebrate my personal relationship with God.
Greg Tarbox, Biddeford Pool

Like Music?
Union Church has a passion for music…..all kinds of music…blue grass, gospel, jazz, folk and classical! Gifted guest artists are featured every Sunday in the summer and often throughout the year.

Loving ourselves and each other:
Union Church is a place of laughter and community. There are no strangers among us. All are welcomed with genuine warmth and acceptance.

Opportunities for Study, Fellowship and Fun:

  • Bible Studies or Book groups
  • Occasional Retreat groups
  • Knit Wits Group
  • Fellowship game nights
  • Annual Summer Speaker Series featuring well-known authors
  • Musical events, Benefit Concerts, Cabaret/Comedy Nights, Cinco de Mayo dinner, Mardi Gras night…and much more!
  • Advent Fire Side Chats
  • Sunday Children’s Corner

We covenant together in the presence of God to be a loving, caring community that prayerfully supports one another, to be a place of peace and spiritual nourishment for all who gather, and to be a joyful presence in Biddeford Pool and beyond. We provide religious nurture and biblical education for all who seek it. We share our stories of faith with one another and our time, talent, and resources for the work of God’s kingdom. We are open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our worship, programming, and mission outreach.

Resources for Spiritual Growth, Inspiration and Renewal:

There are a number of wonderful websites that provide reflections, resources, and inspiration for spiritual growth.  Church member Anne Murray has compiled a short list of some of her favorites which are shared below.  We hope to also make this available on our website.  In visiting the sites, you will find opportunities for online courses, daily or weekly reflections sent to your email and other resources that you may find helpful.

Sabbath Moments   https://www.terryhershey.com/sabbath-moment/

Center for Action and Contemplation-Richard Rohr  https://cac.org/

Sojourners  https://sojo.net/

Spirituality and Practice  http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/

Daily Good  http://www.dailygood.org/

Gratefulness.org  http://gratefulness.org/

Action for Happiness  www.actionforhappiness.org

Pastor: Rev. Paula Norbert
Moderator: Paul Schlaver
Clerk: Anita Coupe
Treasurer: Debbie Lamb
Mission Chair: Ken Murray
Deacons: Katherine Koles, Chair; Denise Kinney, Sandra Ragan, Stephen Fox, Martin Grohman, and Rev. Lamar Robinson
Trustees: John Comeau, Chair; Bob Sherman, Ron Ramsey, Don Chretien, and Rob Harriman
Finance: Peter McPheeters, Chair, Debbie Lamb, Doug Firebaugh, Brad Coupe and Bob Sherman
Program: Ken Murray, Chair
Music Director: Michelle Currie
Choir Director: Patricia Mulholland
Musical Team: Andrea Wollstadt, Jen and John Comeau, Ada Goff, Chris Humphrey, Neal Zweig and Cheryl Sager
Promotions Person: Anita Coupe
Webmaster: Steve Bradford

At our June 18, 2017 semi-annual Meeting we approved a revision of the Union Church Constitution and also adopted a set of Policies and Procedures governing the operations of the Church.  These two documents are available for all to read here:

Union Church Constitution adopted June 18, 2017

Union Church Policies and Procedures adopted June 18, 2017

Those wishing to join the Union Church or to meet with the pastor may speak with Rev. Paula after worship or call her at 207-205-4951. (pnorbert1217@gmail.com).