Worship at Union Church

The various services at Union Church affirm the diversity of its worshipers. The styles of liturgy vary, are uplifting, inspiring, comforting and challenging. The community is comfortable with reverential silence and meditation and with diverse music and prayer.

There is a communion rite on the first Sunday of each month.

The Sunday worship services creatively reflect the liturgical seasons; a jubilant procession on Palm Sunday, Sunrise service on Easter morning, a gala of red on Pentecost, services on Lessons from Spring, Lessons from the Sea, Lessons from our pets, etc. In addition we offer vespers for Thanksgiving, Advent and Lent, a moving Maundy Thursday service, and an annual animal blessing ceremony.

There is a cohesive message around a theme that is supported by, Scripture readings, music, sermon, prayers, a children’s story and children’s activities and often a reflections segment in the bulletin, offering opportunities to continue meditating on the topic of the week.

The music, offered by gifted people, is exceptional; A blend of traditional and non-traditional ranging from gentle and meditative, to boisterous and uplifting, to grand and mellifluous.

We believe that the Spirit is active in all of us and so members of the congregation are encouraged to participate in various parts of the services, including contributing original writing and giving the sermon.

We experience God’s presence in the assembly, the Word and the liturgy and appreciate that God can be encountered in all of creation – in nature, art, music, story-telling, poetry, and laughter.

Sermons aim to be thoughtful and spiritually nourishing. They provide an opportunity for sharing our stories of faith from both ordained ministers and church members.

The fellowship in and after worship is genuine and loving.

One regular participant describes worship at Union Church in this way:

Worship at Union Church is a time of quiet reflection, openness to diverse ideas, and an experience of oneness with the community of worshippers. The service offers a respite from the worries in our lives, and gives us the strength to go out and serve others.

 One of the defining moments is the musical prelude which opens the service.  We are bathed in the beauty of song and voice as the music transports us to a level deeper than and beyond language.  As worship begins, we seek solace and open ourselves to new ways of understanding and experiencing oneness with the community of seekers.  

We add our voices together: “Hush now in quiet peace. Be still my mind at ease. The spirit brings release. So wait upon the Lord.” With this open spirit, we learn from others during the main part of the service and become enriched by the diversity of thoughts and experiences. 

Refreshed by the service, we end with the song and supplication: “Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always.”